About Us

Extreme Packaging Co., Ltd.

Location 51/11 Moo 1, Bangna-Trad Road (Km. 36), Hom Sin
Bang Pakong , Chachoengsao 24180
Tel. ( 66-38 ) 090-689
Fax ( 66-38 ) 989-616
Email xtreme@epc-plastic.com
Year of registration 1997
Registered capital 70 million baht
Staff 80 Person
Business type Manufacturer and exporter
Product Plastic sheet PP, PLA, PET
Main market Food packaging, electronic equipment and other packaging
Quality system ISO 9001

Extreme Packaging Co., Ltd. is a  manufacturer and distributor of plastic sheetPP (Polypropylene),  PLA (Polylactic acid), PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) by extrusion process. We using technology for Meticulous in every step of production. In orders satiety the needs, satisfaction of customers at the maximally. Our raw materials which can be used to produce products to market demand in a variety of industries such as:-

Industrial consumption : We can produce cup, jelly cup, ice cream cups, trays, box of candy, frozen food, documents file and other.

Industrial electronics industries : Electronics Tray, Automotives Tray

We are one of the leading manufacturers and product quality plastics

1. Quality Improvement System is the ultimate satisfaction for our customers.
2. Develop a continuous process to obtain products that customer needs. And stakeholders.
3. Develop skills in organizational management. Effective every employee

Our company is committed to continuous quality improvement system for produce quality products and satisfaction for our customers and stakeholders.